Best Moments From the 2016 NBA All-Star Game


To the people who cried about no defense in Sunday's all-star game: please shut up!

Did you see that emotional Kobe Bryant tribute at the beginning?  Did you see back-to-back All-Star Game MVP Russell Westbrook ignore Drake because he was busy dancing? Did you see Craig Sager and Michael Jordan's suits? Did you see Chris Paul Jr rip the ball from Kobe? Did you see LeBron videobomb Kobe? Did you see Anthony Davis' dunk? Did you see Paul George drop 41? Did you see Steph Curry end the game with a half court jumper...actually you didn't because TNT cut to a shot of Kobe because it was his last All-Star game and we have to show him do everything.

So what i'm saying is, you didn't get to see any defense until the final seconds of the game - the West double teamed Paul George - but you got to see a lot of great things from a lot of great players.  So shut up and see greatness again.