Best No-Call “Travels” From This Past Weekend’s Playoff Games

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The hardest job in basketball might be guarding James Harden (just ask Wesley Johnson). Runner-up to that painful and often embarrassing occupation is refereeing the ankle-breaking, step-back taking future MVP.

On his way to a game-high 44 points in the Rockets GM1 win over the Wolves, he pulled off a move on Andrew Wiggins (2nd clip in the above video) that had half of the internet saying Harden traveled to Dallas and the other half agreeing with the refs decision to not blow the whistle.

Later in the game, Karl-Anthony Towns had Chris Paul flipping out and screaming “Travel! Travel! Travel!” during a confusing moment after a missed free throw by James Harden that led to Andrew Wiggins (travelling?) throwing down an easy dunk.

A day earlier, the 76ers’ Robert Covington got away with such a great “travel” before knocking down a three, this YouTuber titled the video “Robert Covington With The James Harden Illegal Travel.”


Here’s Tracy McGrady on The Jump discussing James Harden’s stepback followed by Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown talking to NBA referee Ronnie Nunn about Harden’s trademark move.

Here’s what NBA impersonator Brandon Armstrong thought about Harden’s step-back move on Wiggins.

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