Best of Bill Walton During The KD & Dame Duel

Damian Lillard outscored Steph Curry 44 to 17 in a win against the Golden State Warriors. And this wasn’t the best thing about the game.

Kevin Durant had his first 50-point game of the season. And this wasn’t the best thing about the game.

The best thing about the Portland Trailblazers victory was the color commentary by former Blazer great Bill Walton, who discussed everything from Steve Jobs to why he failed Luke as a father.


NBA fans used to have the pleasure of hearing Bill Walton exaggerate and speak on the most random things every week in the 90s and early 00s, when he was part of the Big 3 with Marv Albert and Snapper Jones. My favorite might be the time he said Tracy McGrady “has a chance to be the best player ever” after dunking on Keith Van Horn.

Here’s that video along with some other “greatest of all-time” moments with one of the greatest centers of all-time.