Best Of NBA Players Read Mean Tweets (2013-2017)

Even if the NBA Finals is disappointing you can always rely on Jimmy Kimmel Live to come through with another hilarious edition of NBA Players Read Mean Tweets.

The latest featured James Harden (he got off easy), Paul George (future Laker?) Magic Johnson (the guy who will make Paul George a future Laker), Caron Butler (former Laker), Devin Booker (plays like a certain former Laker), Zach LaVine, his teammate Karl-Anthony Towns and the always grumpy Karl Malone, who refused to read his tweet.

Since The Mailman didn't deliver a tweet, a championship or as many child support payments as he should have, I found a couple of (really) mean (not meant to be funny) tweets for him.

  • Karl Malone is being a jackass on Jimmy Kimmel and I think this is an appropriate time to remind everyone that he impregnated a 13 year old - @Coximus2
  • After watching GotG2 it confirmed to me that Karl Malone is still the worst dad in the universe. - @notthefatdroid
  • Karl Malone can catch a fade for being a pedophile, a terrible father & being a loser when it mattered most. - Andyvstheworld

Now back to the funny. Here's the past four years of player reading tweets.


BEST: Doc Rivers voice is ashy as hell! Put some lotion those vocal chords bro.


BEST: Draymond Green look like donkey from Shrek


BEST: DeMarcus Cousins is a emotional lesbian


BEST: Is it me or does Rajon Rondo look like that Turtle named Franklin on Nick Jr.