Best Reactions To Brandon Ingram’s Game-Winning Three vs The 76ers

The Lakers came in Philly on a five-game losing streak. One of the positives during this losing streak has been the play of rising star Brandon Ingram. The second-year, toothpick-skinny, 20-year-old small forward had a career-high 32 against KD and the Warriors earlier in the week and capped off his 21/7/6 night against Joel Embiid, future Rookie of The Year Ben Simmons and the 76ers with a game-winning three.

Since the assist on the game-winner came from Lonzo Ball, Father LaVar had an amusing quote about the first game-winner by a Laker since D’Angelo Russell’s “Ice in his veins” three vs the Wolves back in April.

“He already saw it before it happened,” Said LaVar, who has been very critical of the Lakers (and just about everything) in recent days. “When I come this far of a distance, it’s hard to beat him. I don’t like all them losses. So, he’ll do whatever it takes to get that `W.”

Ingram also complimented his Big Baller teammate for making the assist.

“Lonzo made an incredible drive,” Ingram said. “He had a closeout on Joel Embiid, and he easily could’ve shot that 3-pointer. He was wide open. He drew in the defense, kicked it to me, and I just knocked down the shot. I had the confidence to take the shot, whether good or bad. I felt like it was a good shot.”

The best reaction to the shot came from Jordan Clarkson.

“Shit, that motherfucker was wide open!” Said the model dater to Lakers Nation Serena Winters. “He better shoot that mother fucker. If you ain’t shoot that shit, I might’ve slapped them worms right off your motherfuckin head.”

If you read Clarkson’s quote in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice, it gets even better. It also ranks up there with Austin River’s postgame comments about rookie Donovan Mitchell last week: “That little motherfucker is good. That dude’s a rookie. He’s crazy. He’s the best rookie in the NBA. That motherfucker is out there leading a team as a rookie. You know what I mean?”

This must be a LA thing.

Here’s a few more reactions to Ingram, including one by Lakers legend and UNC alumni James Worthy: “You alright for a Duke guy.”