Best Reaction To Klay Thompson's Shots In GM2: Steph Curry or That Courtside Fan?

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With the Warriors up by three midway through the third against the Spurs in GM2, a confident Steph Curry turned his back to the action and put his arms up in celebration before a three by Klay Thompson swished through the net. I thought that would end up as the game's best bench reaction.

Then in the fourth quarter, Klay went off and scored 16 of his 31 points. His second field goal of the quarter gave us this reaction by Curry.

The final three of those 16 points came with 3:07 on the clock and gave us the best reaction (IMO) and photo of the night -- thank you Ezra Shaw!

If you go to the 18 second mark of the following video, you can see footage of the above moment. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed if you were hoping for a high-quality slow motion. You will get to see some amusing bench reactions by Jordan Bell, Nick Young and JaVale McGee.

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If you were disappointed, here's another pic that should make you as happy as Klay looks in it. The guy in the white is how most Spurs fans look right now, knowing they are down 0-2 and Kawhi isn't going to be playing in this series...or any future series with the Spurs.