Best white dunker ever, Jonsey, gets 2nd shot at impressing LeBron

2 years ago, Zach Jones went to compete at the Cleveland stop of the Sprite Showdown tour.  LeBron James was there judging and this was Jonsey’s shot at impressing the then Cavalier.  The result was a disappointing performance and early exit from the competition.

Over the next couple of years, Jonsey got better to shockingly better to the point where he was considered by many as the best white dunker in the world to an online viral sensation and now he’s simply competing for the title of best dunker in the world.  This Friday at AllStar weekend in Orlando, Jonsey will get his 2nd shot at impressing LeBron James who will be judging the Showdown finals.

We caught up with Jonsey and asked him a few questions about his dunk ability and the upcoming dunk contest.

I’m sure you get tired of the White Men Can’t jump comments but seriously white men can’t jump! What happened to you?
Haha… Just another Stereotype. I think it helps with the wow factor though. I wouldn’t imagine I look like your normal “Dunker”.

You have been featured on a lot of hip hop sites in the past year and your vids have hundreds of thousands of views. How does it feel knowing that hundreds of thousands of people are looking at your vids..and then watching a vid of somebody getting beat up or shaking their butt?
Well it has given me alot of exposure over the last few months. Few things have come of it, but its just hard to have your family n friends get on a website to see your video, when the vid right before mine is Crackhead Fights, and Rap Vixens lol…

You struggled in your first appearance at the sprite showdown in Cleveland. Then you put on an amazing dunk exhibition in DC. What was the difference?
2 totally different points in my dunk career.. In Cleveland 3 years back, I should not have even competed, due to my knee injuries, and just not jumping very good… Now, I am at the top of my dunk career, and am doing dunks I wouldn’t think of back then.

LeBron was a judge at the Cleveland event and he will be judging next week in Orlando. Does that make you nervous?
Definitely not nervous, just very excited… I perform best in front of big crowds, I feed off of the energy!

What is your favorite personal dunk moment?
I would have to say being at this point in the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown (Winning DC) is the pinnacle of my career… I have been dunking for 4 years now, and have done alot of amazing things, but this experience and the level I am at makes it perfect timing

Who was your favorite dunker or inspiration growing up?
I would have to say Michael Jordan, and Vince Carter changed Dunking forever… I try and dunk hard though like Dominque Wilkins

Who is your pick for the NBA dunk contest?
Paul George or Iman Shumpert… However, I like Derrick Williams as a player

What is your gameplan for winning the sprite showdown?
Come with Power, Consistency, and creativeness…

Good luck!


[youtube id=”qpYcIRAAU3A” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”PZf4ZqAaTIA” width=”600″ height=”350″]


WHEN: 2.24.12 @ 4:25PM EST on | 2.25.12 @ 1:30PM EST on NBATV

For the past three years, the best “Amateur” dunk contest in the world has been taking place the night before the  NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star weekend. In front of  LeBron James, special hip hop guests like Drakeand this year J. Cole (who will also be performing) , dunk legend Darryl Dawkins and our Sprite Showdown All-Stars Reemix & Los, 4 finalist will compete for the dunk title, $10k and the honor of presenting the trophy to the NBA player who wins the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest the next night.

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