Better Shammgod: Chris Paul vs Holmes or Student vs School Teacher?

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James Harden Chris Paul

I’m not saying Westbrook and James Harden aren’t deserving MVPs this season but I am saying when it comes to point guard arguments, Chris Paul is still as good or better than any other in the league. You could even make a good case he is the best point guard in the league, especially since Westbrook and Harden are destroying turnover records and much of their production is a result of the system and situation they are in.

On Saturday night, CP3 made another case by knocking down 11 of 16 shots (4 for 4 from three) for 30 points (20 in the 2nd half), dished out 7 assists, turned the ball over just 3 times and had 1 nice Shammgod move as the Clippers won their fourth game in their last five.

Speaking of Shammgod moves, Chris Paul had a nice one but all it did was freeze the defender. Check out this kid (Tristan Jass) drop his school teacher with a Shammgod move.

And it’s only fair that I bring up this Shammgod move by Westbrook from earlier in the season.