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ClubWPT Promo Code: Claim 5,000 free Play Chips + 500 Tournament Points On Sign-Up

Club WPT

Currently, there aren't any ClubWPT promo codes. However, you can still get free Play Chips and Tournament Points as soon as you sign up, with no promo code required.

This gives you a great start, allowing you to explore a variety of casino-style games and poker tournaments. In this guide, I'll explain how these bonuses work in detail and offer some practical tips to help you maximize their benefits.

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Last Updated on 05/15/2024
Fact checked by: Vicky Winters

The ClubWPT bonus for USA players: A quick overview

ClubWPT has been gaining traction due to its wide array of casino-style games and unique poker tournaments. What sets it apart, though, are the generous bonuses it offers to players in the USA.

When you create an account as a new player, you can claim a ClubWPT no deposit bonus, which gives you 5,000 free Play Chips to use on various casino-style games. This allows you to try out the platform without risking any real money.

If you opt for a VIP membership or start a two-week free trial, you'll receive an additional 500 Tournament Points. These points can be used to enter poker tournaments in the poker lobby, where you have the chance to potentially redeem your winnings for prizes.

Eligibility requirements for ClubWPT promo codes

To claim any ClubWPT promo codes and bonuses, including the welcome bonus, you must meet specific eligibility criteria. These requirements include being at least 18 years old and residing in a state where ClubWPT is legal.

The platform is available in most of the United States, with a few exceptions. It is not legal in Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. If you're 18 or older and live in a state where it is legal, you're eligible to claim the ClubWPT sign-up offers in the US.

How to sign up and claim the ClubWPT welcome offers

As is the case with the Carnival Citi promo code, the process of signing up and claiming the ClubWPT social casino bonus is simple. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the website: Go to the ClubWPT website on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Sign up: Click the green "Sign Up" button at the top right corner of the homepage. This will take you to the registration form.
  • Enter basic information: Fill in the first part of the form with your email, a chosen username, and a password. You will see a field for a ClubWPT promo code, but you don't need to enter anything here. Agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, then click "Continue."
  • Enter additional information: The second part of the form requires additional details, such as your name, address, and a security question with its answer. Once completed, click "Continue."
  • Select a membership plan (Optional): The final part of the form allows you to select a membership plan, which is optional. You can choose a regular VIP plan billed monthly at $27.95, a Diamond plan billed every six months at $149.85, or start with a 2-week free VIP trial. If you prefer not to choose a plan, just close the screen by clicking the 'X' button.
  • Finalize registration: If you choose a membership plan, enter your payment details and complete the payment process. If you opt for the free trial, just click "Continue" to complete your registration.

Once you've finished these steps, you'll be logged into your ClubWPT account. If you signed up on a basic membership, you will receive 5,000 Play Chips. If you choose a VIP plan, you'll get 5,000 Play Chips plus 500 Tournament Points. The free coins are automatically credited, with no purchase or ClubWPT bonus code needed.

How to use the ClubWPT bonus for US players

When you log in to your account for the first time, the 5,000 free Play Chips are automatically credited to your account. You don't need to enter a ClubWPT promo code or take extra steps to claim them. Once you have these chips, you can use them to play various games in the casino lobby, including slot games like Red Panda, table games like European Roulette, video poker like Deuces Wild, and jackpot games such as Jackpot Shores.

It's important to know that these free Play Chips cannot be used to enter poker tournaments in the poker lobby. Also, you can't enter these tournaments with a basic membership. To participate in ClubWPT poker tournaments, you need to upgrade to a VIP membership. You will receive 500 Tournament Points for free after enrollment, which can be used to join tournaments in the poker lobby.

How to redeem prizes from the ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions

One of the benefits of playing as a VIP at ClubWPT is that you can win a share of $100,000 in cash and prizes every month without any purchase. If you win a redeemable prize, here's how to find and redeem it:

  • Log in to your account: Start by logging into your ClubWPT account.
  • Open the main menu: Click the three-line menu icon in the upper left corner to open the main menu.
  • Find your redeemable prizes: Go to "Information and Security" and then click "My Prizes." Here, you'll see any redeemable prizes.

What I found in my ClubWPT review is that before you can redeem prizes, you'll need to complete the verification process. This is a one-time requirement to confirm your age, identity, and address. To do this:

  • Provide proof of identity: You can use documents like a driver's license or passport. Take a clear scan or photo of the document.
  • Submit your information: Send the proof of identity along with your full name and ClubWPT username to ClubWPT. You can send this via email, fax, or postal mail.

Once your verification is complete, you'll be eligible to redeem any prizes you've won.

Tips for using ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions

To get the most out of ClubWPT's sweepstakes promotions and ensure you have a great experience, keep these practical tips in mind:

Consider a VIP membership

ClubWPT offers a variety of gaming experiences, including a social casino section where you can play casino-style games for free. However, the platform is best known for its poker tournaments. To access these tournaments, you need to sign up for a VIP membership or start with a free 2-week trial.

By becoming a VIP member, you'll not only receive 500 Tournament Points for free to start playing with but you will also be in with the chance to win sweepstakes prizes. So if you want to experience everything that ClubWPT has to offer, a VIP membership is worth considering.

Claim more free chips

In addition to the 5,000 chips you get when you first sign up, you can claim an extra 500 free Play Chips by clicking on the bonus icon at the bottom of the screen.

The bonus has a timer that resets every 2 hours, allowing you to collect a steady stream of free chips. This is a noteworthy feature, as many other similar sites only offer free coin reloads once every 24 hours.

Look out for promotional emails

ClubWPT doesn't have a dedicated promotions page. Instead, they occasionally send exclusive bonuses and promo codes to members through email. That's why it's important to check your inbox regularly and look for promotional emails from ClubWPT.

Check the chip bundles

ClubWPT's no deposit bonuses are a great way to keep the fun going for free. However, it's worth checking out the available chip bundles because they offer significant amounts of chips at a reasonable price. For example, the smallest bundle costs just $4.99 and gives you 30,000 chips, which is far more than what you get from the welcome bonus.

If you'd like to purchase a bundle or claim a ClubWPT deposit offer, you can do so by clicking the "Buy Chips" button at the bottom of the page and selecting the bundle that suits you. You can then complete the purchase with trusted payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Keep an eye on the banners

There are no ClubWPT promo codes available at the moment. However, if new ones are released in the future, I'll update the banners on this page so you can stay informed. This way, you can check back to see if there are any promo codes that might be worth claiming.

FAQs about the ClubWPT promo codes and bonuses

I've covered most of what you need to know about ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions, but you might still have questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers for your convenience:

1. What are Tournament Points (TPs) used for?

Tournament Points are the virtual currency that you use to enter VIP poker tournaments on ClubWPT. While TPs have no direct cash value, winnings from these tournaments can be redeemed for real cash prizes.

2. What are Play Chips used for?

Play Chips are used to play free social casino games and social poker games in the casino section. They cannot be redeemed for cash or prizes and are for entertainment only.

3. How much can I win?

In the social casino section, you can win an unlimited number of Play Chips from playing games, which aren't redeemable. However, if you sign up as a VIP, you can enter poker tournaments and potentially win a share of over $100,000 in cash and prizes every month.

Reap the rewards as a ClubWPT VIP

When you sign up for a VIP or Diamond membership, you gain access to various rewards, including special ClubWPT deposit bonuses and invites to official World Poker Tour events.

Also, if you maintain an active VIP or Diamond membership for at least three months, you'll receive a quarterly loyalty bonus of 10,000 Tournament Points. This is a significant amount of Tournament Points, granting you entry to any VIP poker tournament on ClubWPT.

Additional ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions and bonuses

ClubWPT offers more than just the welcome bonus and VIP membership benefits. There are various bonuses and promotions to take advantage of.

For example, in the social casino, if your chip balance drops below 5,000, it will be replenished to 5,000 Play Chips daily. Additionally, there's a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen that resets every couple of hours.

When the timer ends, you can claim a free chip reload. Both of these bonuses are simple to claim, with no ClubWPT no deposit bonus codes or purchases required.

The ClubWPT casino bonuses for new players

As a new player at ClubWPT, you can claim 5,000 free Play Chips, allowing you to explore a range of casino-style games for free. And if you sign up for a VIP membership, you will receive an additional 500 Tournament Points at no extra cost, giving you access to VIP tournaments that offer the chance to redeem winnings for prizes.

Reality test: Claiming the ClubWPT promotions

Just like I found for the Crown Coins promo code, claiming this welcome offer is incredibly simple. All you have to do is register for an account, and the 5,000 Play Chips are automatically credited to your account. You can use these Play Chips on various games in the social casino, such as slots and table games.

To get the additional 500 Tournament Points and access to the VIP poker tournaments, you need to enroll in a VIP membership. You can do this quickly during registration or later by going to "My Account," then selecting "Manage My Membership," and choosing a VIP plan. Among the options, I recommend the two-week trial, which lets you enjoy the full VIP experience before committing to anything.

Prize redemption options

Play Chips and Tournament Points serve different purposes. Play Chips are just for fun and can't be exchanged for prizes, while Tournament Points allow you to enter VIP tournaments where you can redeem prizes.

However, before you can redeem any prizes, you must complete a verification process to confirm your identity and age. This involves submitting a scan or photo of an official ID, such as a driver's license or passport.

Watch out for these common pitfalls

To get the most out of your ClubWPT bonus, watch out for these common pitfalls:

  • Eligibility: Before you try to claim the bonus, ensure you're in an eligible state. While it's available in most US states, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are exceptions. If you're in one of these states, you won't be able to claim the bonus.
  • Account verification: If your account isn't verified, you won't be able to redeem prizes. So to avoid delays in the prize redemption process, it's best to complete the verification early.
  • Email unsubscribing: Most of the ClubWPT promo codes and bonuses are sent out via email because this platform doesn't have a promotions page. If you unsubscribe from the emails, you will miss out on many new and exclusive bonuses.

Final thoughts on the ClubWPT promotions

The ClubWPT welcome bonuses are a great way to get started on the platform. Whether you just want to claim the free Play Chips to try out casino-style games or you'd like the extra Tournament Points for VIP tournaments with prize redemptions, there's something for everyone.

Just remember that the free Play Chips are for entertainment only, and real money prize redemptions are only available from the VIP poker tournaments after completing the verification process.

Conclusion: No ClubWPT promo code is needed

Despite the absence of ClubWPT promo codes at this time, you can still claim a substantial number of Play Coins for free. These coins allow you to enjoy a variety of casino-style games.

And if you take things further by signing up for a VIP membership, you will receive some Tournament Points for free. These points can be used to enter VIP tournaments, where you have the opportunity to redeem a portion of over $100,000 in cash prizes each month.

But remember: to redeem any prizes, account verification is required. To prevent any delays in the prize redemption process, it is best to verify your account sooner rather than later.

ClubWPT social casino bonus FAQ

🪙 Do I need a ClubWPT promo code in the USA?

No, you don't need a promo code to access ClubWPT's bonuses in the USA. The welcome bonuses, including free Play Chips and Tournament Points, are automatically credited when you sign up or start a VIP membership.

🤔 How do I claim ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions?

To claim ClubWPT sweepstakes promotions, you must sign up for a VIP membership. After joining, you'll receive Tournament Points (TP), allowing you to enter poker tournaments where you can potentially win and redeem real cash prizes.

💲 Is the ClubWPT social casino bonus free?

Yes, the social casino bonus is completely free, with no purchase or ClubWPT bonus code required. You get 5,000 Play Chips upon signing up, which can be used to play various casino-style games.

💎 Can the ClubWPT bonus for social casino games also be used in poker tournaments?

No, the Play Chips from the social casino bonus cannot be used to enter poker tournaments. To take part in poker tournaments, you need Tournament Points, which are available through VIP memberships and free trials.

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