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DRF Bets NY Sportsbook Review 2024

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DRF Sportsbook

Horse race betting has been one of America's favorite forms of gambling. So, if you have been on the lookout for the best horse race betting site in the US, then you certainly would have come across DRF Bets.

Despite being a big name in the niche, you may still have questions like, is DRF Bets legit, or is DRF Bets legal in US. Well, we have everything covered for you in this DRF Bets Review. Our experts will take you through every facet of the bookie, ranging from the payments methods, bonus offers, and even their customer service.

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DRF Bets: Pros & Cons
  • Excellent odds
  • Detailed FAQ for beginners
  • Classy and easy user interface
  • Amazing offers
  • Lacks 24/7 chat support
DRF Sportsbook Bonus
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Last Updated on 07/07/2024
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Bonus Offers - Fantastic bonus offers in DRF Bets online

The first thing we tested for this DRF Bets reviews US is their bonus offer, and safe to say; we were very impressed with it. It starts with a $10 free bet which you get bet simply signing up to the platform, which is in effect a no-deposit bonus. Now comes the exciting part, a $250 deposit bonus as a 100% match on your first deposit. In addition, you will get a free formulator loaded into your account. To win the bonus, all you have to do is :

  1. Join: You can sign up using the DRF Bets online bonus code "WINNING". You have to provide your name, email, country, and other personal details and set up a username and password to register. With successful registration, you will get a $10 free bet.
  2. Deposit: Make sure you deposit exactly $250 to claim the $250 matching bonus.
  3. Plan your bets: Now, you can bet with your bonus cash and plan your bets using the 10 free formulator PPs. In addition, you can also earn a card for every $50 wagered.

Note that you cannot transfer, redeem or withdraw the promotion bonuses; instead, you can use them only to wager on your DRF Bets account. Also, the free bet and bonus credits you receive as part of the welcome offer come with a 14 day expiry period. Even then, what made this bonus offer contribute significantly to the high DRF Bets ratings US is that there are no unreasonable wagering conditions associated with it. Any winnings you make from using these bonus credits are immediately withdrawable, and considering you have access to 10 formulator PPs; you have a very good chance of turning them into real money. So, ensure to make use of these credits to access DRF Classic past performances or DRF Formulator.

Usability, Look and Feel - Classy and easy to use DRF Bets app and website

DRF Bets comes with one of the easiest UIs available among betting sites in the US. Tracking live matches, moving through sports, managing wagers, be it anything you want, the site does it like a breeze. Right from registration to withdrawal, everything looks pretty seamless. In addition, the DRF Bets online homepage is designed in such a way that anything you're looking for is right in front of you, whether it's bonus offers, loyalty programs, or PPs. You can easily switch between PP and wager as well as regular horse racing and harness racing.

Moreover, the shades and colors, mainly red and white, used in the website provide a classy betting experience. The stylish interface is a thoughtful mixture of modernity and flexibility, where you can intuitively move through the website.

DRF Bets app and apk are available in both Appstore and Playstore and also the website. Similar to the website, the DRF Bets app too has a straightforward interface that helps you move conveniently through the races and select your bets. Overall, regardless of website or app, DRF Bets ensure to provide you with an exciting betting experience on their platform.

Payments - DRF Bets payments are safe and secure

DRF Bets provides various payment methods for it users. For example, you may deposit money into your DRF account via online transaction, mail, phone, or wire. Now let's take a look at how does DRF Bets work in terms of different payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer: This is the most economical method, and you can make electronic transfers from your savings account. Luckily there is no fee for deposits and withdrawals via Bank transfer(ACH).
  • Credit card: You may make a credit card transaction online or by contacting their customer support telephone number (1-877-408-1999). However, non-authorized credit cards would mean a deposit limit of $500 per week. Also, a $5 maintenance charge will be deducted for the amount deposited, and your credit card company may charge you additionally.
  • Wire money: Another method is depositing via wire. If you deposit below $250, a $5 service fee is charged. This will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Paypal: Being the world's best online payment provider, Paypal ensures easy and safe deposits and withdrawals. However, you cannot use Paypal if you're looking to claim the $250 welcome bonus offer.
  • Others: Other payment methods include Green Dot MoneyPak and Money Orders/Checks.

In short, DRF Bets offers a pretty decent range of payment methods, safe and fast, to fulfill your deposit and withdrawal requirements. Among them, Bank Transfer proves to be more economical as it doesn't incur additional charges.

Customer Service - Fast and responsive

Customer support is another facet we have checked in detail for this DRF Bets review. Though the customer service of DRF Bets lacks 24/7 chat support, it does have a good customer support team working on weekdays. If your query doesn't need immediate attention or if you want to leave some feedback, then you may submit a request, and they will get back to you in 72 hours.

However, in case you need immediate assistance, you can email [email protected], especially for queries regarding:

  • issues
  • DRF Past Performance Product queries
  • DRF Bets rewards, promotions, and redemptions.

Suppose your queries relate to deposits and withdrawal, live teller, account balance, or site queries. In that case, you can call 1-877-408-1999 for customer support. You can even use the same number for transferring funds into your DRF Bets account.

In short, the customer support team is quite solid and knowledgeable. However, DRF Bets reviews US would rate the customer support slightly less than other aspects due to the reduced response during weekends and the lack of 24/7 chat support. If the absence of a chat support is a deal breaker for you, then you should check out this BetMGM reviews US.

License and Security - No worries for users in DRF Bets legal states

'Is DRF Bets legal in US?' is a every bettor would ponder on. This question in itself is 100% valid, as knowing your betting site before you bet can ensure you have a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. The significance of this question is endless, as investing your precious time and money on unreliable or illegal betting sites can incur heavy losses, especially if you manage to win a jackpot and you have no way to withdraw the winnings. So before joining any online betting site in the US, ensure to check the reliability and security of the betting platform. To help you out with the same, we have covered all the bases in this DRF Bets reviews US.

As you may already know, the laws and regulations when it comes to online gambling in the US are entirely dependent upon state laws, and they vary greatly from state to state. However, unlike sports betting, horse race betting has favorable laws in many states in US. As a result, DRF Bets online is available in 35 states in the US, which we have covered in detail a bit later in this DRF Bets review.

Being a data-driven content expert with decades of experience dedicated solely to covering horse racing news, DRF Bets certainly doesn't raise a question of reliability. In addition, DRF Bets properly holds and maintains your funds in a custody account at an FDIC-insured bank. These funds shouldn't be used for any purpose other than to facilitate the account holders' wagering activities and other agreements. So, in short, you do not have to worry about investing your hard-earned money in DRF Bets as long as it has a valid license to operate in your particular state. In addition, if you have any questions like is FanDuel legal in the US?, don’t forget to check out our expert review section at

Additional Rewards - A fantastic DRF Rewards program

DRF Bets is quite popular for its exquisite loyalty program called DRF Rewards. Like any other betting site, DRF Bets too offers this loyalty program to keep hold of their existing customers and to reward loyalty to the platform. The famous DRF rewards program includes 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, depending on your monthly wagering spending. Some of the major rewards associated with the loyalty program are detailed below.

According to the DRF Rewards loyalty program, if you wager more than $500 in DRF Bets during a calendar month, you will win a monthly subscription to DRF Plus Basic. This will be valid for the coming month. However, if you wager more than $1000, then you will qualify for DRF Plus Pro for the following month.

Regarding DRF Store Cash, if you wager $1000 or more in a month, you will receive a DRF Store coupon worth $20 or more. The coupon's worth depends on the category you belong to. For a wager amount of $1000 to $2499.99, a coupon value of $20 is offered. If the wager amount ranges from $2500 and $4999.99, the coupon value is $40. If it is more than $5000, then $100 is the coupon amount.

Finally, the DRF Cash Back reward can be claimed if you register for the cashback program and wager over $500 in a week. You can avail of 0.25% to 5% cashback based on the category and the state you belong to.

Betting Markets

You’ll enjoy hundreds of different ways to bet on your favorite sport at DRF Bets. The brand routinely serves up well over 300 betting lines for each big event. This means that you don’t have to settle for basic money line bets, but can instead hunt down extra value in other betting lines.

Just so you know, DRF Bets serves up odds for pretty much any sporting event you can think of. This means that you can come here and know that you’ll get bets for anything from the Super Bowl to the most obscure soccer match.


You’ll get nothing but fair and competitive odds from DRF Bets. We took a look at how this sportsbook’s odds for the NBA Finals winner compared with its rivals and we liked what we found. This is because DRF Bets gave you odds that were just as good as what you’d get anywhere else. Plus DRF Bets could even give you the edge with the odds for some of the outsiders.

Live Betting & Streaming

DRF Bets may not have the most exciting live betting platform, but it definitely gets the job done. This is because it gives you a fast and easy way to bet on anything from basketball to tennis and you should get the full complement of live betting lines too.


You can win up to a quarter of a million bucks with a bet at DRF Bets. This might not be the highest amount of maximum winnings out there, but it’s surely enough for most people. We should note that you can bet at DRF Bets from just a dime.

Product Summary

DRF Bets has come up with a great sports betting platform. With strong odds, lots of betting lines and a cool live betting platform, you’ll find lots to enjoy here. So register your account at DRF Bets and put your bets down.


✅Is DRF Bets legal?

DRF started as a media and digital information company that provides premium data-driven content exclusively for horse racing enthusiasts. However, to answer the question of whether DRF Bets is legal, we'll have to consider a lot of factors, including the legality of online horse betting in your state and if DRF Bets has a license to operate there. To help you out, our experts at have covered everything in detail in our online betting site reviews like this <a href="">Caesars reviews US</a>, so please give it a read to learn more about the legality of DRF Bets.

💸What are the DRF Bets payment methods available?

DRF offers various payment methods for its users. These methods are both safe and fast. However, some of them incur additional charges. Read our DRF Bets review to find more about the available DRF Bets payment methods and which out of them is the most economical.

🤑Is there a welcome bonus for new users in DRF Bets?

Welcome bonus offers are a major factor when it comes to choosing a new platform for your online betting endeavors. We understand this concern, and for that very reason, we have a review section dedicated just to welcome bonus offers. So check out this review of <a href="">DRF Bets sign up offers US</a> to learn more about the offers available for new users joining the platform.

Overall Conclusion - Our DRF Bets review

To conclude, with a decades' worth of horse-betting legacy, DRF Bets is CERTAINLY one of the most reliable betting platforms in the US. In addition, it comes with a fantastic loyalty program and welcome offer for new customers, including a no deposit bonus offer. Moving on to the look and the feel it provides, DRF easily bags a near 5-star rating due to the seamless interface.

DRF Bets also provides various safe and secure payment methods ranging from bank transfers to PayPal and money orders. This is accompanied by a strong customer support team, making DRF Bets among our top picks when it comes to horse race betting sites. The only major drawback we could pinpoint is the lack of 24/7 chat support. However, based on our experience testing out the platform for this DRF Bets reviews US, we recommend it to all horse racing enthusiasts out there looking for a safe and legit online platform for your horse betting endeavors.

Is DRF Bets legal in your state?

As well as New York, DRF Bets is legal in another 34 states - Michigan, North Dakota, Iowa, Maine, New Mexico, Tennessee, Delaware, Alabama, Kansas, Vermont, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, South Dakota, Indiana, Rhode Island, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Arizona, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, California, Virginia, and Idaho. However, as we mentioned earlier, individual state rules play a significant role in determining how it functions in a particular state.

For example, to open a DRF Bets account, account holders must be a minimum of 18 years of age except in Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Washington, where the minimum age is 21. Also, DRF Bets recently launched the DRF sportsbook in Iowa, offering sports betting markets in domestic as well as major international sporting events.

Given it's a resounding success in Iowa, we can expect the sportsbook to be made available in many more states in the near future, so keep an eye out here as we'll update you with all the latest developments. However, if you looking for a legal sportsbook in your state then do check out our experts’.

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  • Big risk-free bet welcome bonus
  • Competitive odds on all sports
  • High maximum limits on wins
DRF Sportsbook Bonus
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