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Fliff is an up-and-coming social sportsbook that has an exciting two-part welcome bonus available to all new users. We couldn’t believe how straightforward this was to use as soon as we entered our exclusive Fliff promo code: BALLISCASH.

Regardless of whether you plan to play for fun or real cash prizes, Fliff has you covered. By making your way through the registration process, you’ll have up to 600,000 Fliff Coins to use across a great range of major US sports and lines. Similarly, you’ll release a deal that could see $100 in Fliff Cash enter your account.

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Last Updated on 03/08/2023
Fact checked by: Allan Howe

Introduction to bonus offers - why are bonuses so prevalent?

Before diving into the ins and outs of the current Fliff promo, it is worth detailing the reasons why bonuses and promotions are so commonly found across the sweepstakes casino and sportsbook market.

Quite simply, sweepstakes casinos and sportsbooks provide US players with the chance to enjoy online games, sports, and lines, without ever having to make a purchase. They are considered to offer games of skill, meaning they fall under different laws to real money gambling.

Although they allow you to play for free, you’ll still need to use virtual currencies to play. In short, this is where bonuses come in.

Next, we take a closer look at the new offer for patrons of Fliff. A bonus that releases up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and a deal that could release $100 in Fliff Cash.

How to use the bonus - release your Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash today

Now we know about the importance of social sportsbook bonuses, let’s take a look at how we can redeem this great new customer promotion from Fliff.

As we already know, some of the best online casino bonuses will require a purchase to be made in order to release the bonus. However, for the first part of our Fliff new customer promotion, you’ll simply be required to follow a few simple steps.

Download the mobile app: With this being a new customer offer, you’ll need to start at the very beginning and download the app. You can find the links to the app by visiting the Fliff homepage or by making your way through the app store.

Register with Fliff: Once your app download has finished, you’ll be able to launch Fliff instantly. Before beginning your journey through the online social sportsbook, you’ll be required to enter a few basic personal details, confirming you are above the age of 18 and reside in a state where Fliff is considered legal.

Enter the exclusive Fliff bonus code: During this stage, you’ll also be required to enter our exclusive Fliff promo code “BALLISCASH”. After entering your code, we suggest double-checking the rest of your details before submitting your application.

Head to the social sportsbook: Next, you can make your way through the various sports and lines, building your picks as you go. At the top of your screen, you should be able to see your available balance and will be able to confirm that your Fliff Coins have been released.

Make a purchase (optional): The second part of the bonus requires you to make a Fliff Coins purchase. Due to the very nature of social sportsbooks, this is an optional extra that will present you with up to $100 in Fliff Cash. To complete, you’ll need to head to the cashier section of the app and complete a purchase of Fliff Coins.

Terms and conditions

As there are two separate Fliff bonuses to consider here, we’ve taken the time to highlight a few key differences in the terms and conditions. Thankfully, Fliff is extremely transparent and, as you’re about to see, extremely fair in its approach to social sportsbook bonuses.

Fliff Coins: Any Fliff Coins redeemed will hold no direct monetary value. They can be used to place picks on any sports or lines, including boosted odds or in-play events. To unlock up to 600,000 Fliff Coins as part of the new customer promotion, you will be required to create a new account and enter the promotional code BALLISCASH. There are no further playthrough requirements to consider.

Fliff Cash: All Fliff Cash will be eligible for use on sweepstakes. To play with Fliff Cash, you’ll need to head to the top of the social sportsbook application and use the toggle to switch between the two styles of play. Once Fliff Cash has been selected, you can then make your way through the social sportsbook and begin making your picks as normal.

Before you can begin the redemption process, you’ll be required to play through your Fliff Cash at least once and meet a minimum withdrawal requirement of $50. You’ll also need to be aware that various states have upper limits as part of their laws, such as a $500 limit in Rhode Island.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer - getting the most out of your Fliff bonus

Next up in our Fliff bonus review, we look to offer a helping hand to help you get the most out of your bonus. Take note of these five tips before using your Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash.

Play it safe

Sounds obvious, but our first tip revolves around playing it safe. If you’ve opted to make use of both parts of the welcome offer, we suggest testing the water with Fliff Coins before you put your strategies to the test and place your picks using Fliff Cash.

Check the boosted odds

You’ll find some great odds are available across the whole Fliff social sportsbook; however, some of the odds in the boosted section offer odds that can reach 2x their potential.

Use your Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash sensibly

Following on from playing it safe, it also pays to ensure that you are using your Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash sensibly. Due to the nature of social sportsbooks, the urge to place picks using a higher value of Fliff Coins or Cash than you normally would could present itself. However, rather than wasting 600,000 in a few attempts, why not let it build slowly and enjoy the experience?

Understand the small print

While there are very few terms and conditions to consider, you will still be required to meet a minimum playthrough and withdrawal requirement when looking to convert your Fliff Cash into cash prizes. Plus, it is worth remembering that you’ll only have 30 days until your bonus Fliff Cash is deemed void.

Don’t worry about missing kick-off

Despite providing a complete mobile experience, there’s sometimes no way of avoiding missing kickoff. Thankfully, you’ll find a great range of live and in-play lines to choose from at Fliff, meaning you don’t need to stress about placing your pre-match picks.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus - find the answers here

Despite the terms of the Fliff welcome offer being significantly more straightforward than most, but you may still find a few questions are left outstanding. In this next section of our Fliff review, we hope to clear those up for you.

Can I withdraw my Fliff Coins?

No. Both Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash cannot be withdrawn from Fliff directly. However, any winning picks you make using Fliff Coins will build up XP that has the potential to be later converted into gift vouchers.

Alternatively, you can use Fliff Cash and look to work through the playthrough requirements and meet the minimum withdrawal limits before making a prize conversion.

Am I eligible to redeem the bonus?

The Fliff social sportsbook is available in 42 US states to those aged over 18. Unfortunately, if you live in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, or Washington, Fliff and all Fliff promos are unavailable.

Do I need to make a purchase?

No. There are two parts to this Fliff bonus, and only one part requires a purchase to be made. If you prefer the idea of playing for fun or for free, then there is no requirement to make a purchase.

Of course, if you would like to, you can redeem the second part of the Fliff bonus – a deal of up to $100 in Fliff Cash.

When will my Fliff promo code expire?

As things stand, there is no time limit attached to your Fliff bonus code. However, you will find that any Fliff Cash released as part of the bonus will be deemed void after 30 days.

Thankfully, there is a small 1x playthrough requirement attached. Something that is achievable by almost all players.

Are all markets eligible?

Yes. The Fliff social sportsbook does a great job of trying to keep the site as inclusive as possible. Not only is it available to players in 42 states, but they also ensure that all markets and lines, including boosted odds, are available.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs - plenty of ways to keep your virtual currencies topped up

Although there is a lot of emphasis on the welcome bonuses, all of the best betting sites and social sportsbooks should be looking at ways to keep their loyal players entertained. Thankfully, this is something that Fliff believes and is evidenced in the great variety of ongoing ways to keep your virtual currencies topped up.

As already mentioned, you’ll be able to release further Fliff Coins by redeeming a bonus every two hours. There are no terms associated with these bonuses, and you’ll have no playthrough requirements to meet.

Alongside the recurring bonus, you’ll also be able to send a letter to HQ requesting additional Fliff Coins, enter social media giveaways, refer friends, and make Fliff Coin purchases to release additional Fliff Cash.

Fliff Social Betting Bonus

Bonus Intro - get up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and $100 in Fliff Cash

In this next section of our Fliff bonus code review, we provide a complete user experience of redeeming the bonus. At the time of writing, this is a sign-up bonus that can release 600,000 Fliff Coins and a deal to unlock $100 in Fliff Cash.

Reality test - no purchase required

As with any new customer promotion, we needed to ensure that we were completely new to Fliff social sportsbook and were located within one of 42 states where Fliff is legal to operate.

You’ll find that the desktop version of Fliff is yet to launch, so you’ll have to download the app either using the link on Fliff’s homepage or by searching for the social sportsbook in the app store.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to register easily, entering some basic personal information that proves you are over the legal age to play. Here, we were also encouraged to enter any promotional codes. Of course, we soon entered BALLICASH – not wanting to miss out on this superb social sportsbook bonus.

After we had double-checked and submitted our details, our Fliff social sportsbook account was born. When looking at the top of the app, we could see that our Fliff Coins had already been topped up considerably. As there are no further requirements of the Fliff Coins, we made our way to the social sportsbook and started to use our Fliff Coins to build picks.

The entry of our exclusive promotional code also provides you with a deal that unlocks a possible $100 of Fliff Cash with your first Fliff Coin purchase.

Bonus redemption - once requirements have been met

Fliff is a social sportsbook, meaning that any Fliff Coins released as part of any bonus will hold no direct real monetary value. Instead, they can be used to play freely across all sports and hold the chance of picking up XP. Once you have obtained a certain amount of XP, you may find that you feature in the daily or weekly leaderboards, releasing badges and other exciting perks. Plus, you may even find yourself in a position to convert your XP for gift vouchers.

Alternatively, you can make use of Fliff Cash, which allows you to enter sweepstakes and presents you with the potential to convert for real cash prizes. It is worth noting that any withdrawal will be subject to a minimum playthrough requirement of 1x and a minimum withdrawal requirement of $50. Plus, you’ll find that certain states, like Rhode Island and California, have additional capped limits.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus - a fair bonus with few worries

The Fliff sign-up offer doesn’t have any particularly complex terms and conditions to wrap your head around; however, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any things to pay attention to. For example, you’ll still need to ensure that you enter the exclusive bonus code correctly. Plus, for those who plan to make use of Fliff Cash, you’ll need to ensure that you play through your Cash within 30 days, or it’ll be considered void.

Verdict on bonus - a simple and sizable start to your social sportsbook experience

From all of the above, we suspect it is fairly evident to conclude that we are big fans of all the Fliff sign-up bonus has to offer. Unlocking the bonus is a complete breeze, requiring little more than an app download, registration, and the entry of our exclusive promotional code: TGTCASH.

You can choose to play for fun with 600,000 Fliff Coins or head to the cashier section and utilize the deal that releases up to $100 in Fliff Cash. However you choose to play, you can be certain that all bonus terms are fair and the overall redemption process is smooth.

Overall conclusion - Fliff provides a great bonus to all new players

The Fliff welcome bonus is a great choice for any sports fan looking to play for fun or real cash prizes. You can redeem the bonus easily across the majority of the US, provided you are over the age of 18 and make use of our exclusive promotional code: BALLISCASH. 

When playing for fun with your 600,000 Fliff Coins, you’ll still have the chance to build up your XP, acquire badges, work your way up the leaderboard, and potentially convert your XP for vouchers, too. If playing with Fliff Cash, you’ll need to pass a 1x playthrough and meet a minimum limit of $50 before any prize conversions can take place.

Ultimately, Fliff is offering a simple and straightforward bonus that will appeal to all eligible players - something we can’t help but recommend.

Fliff Bonus Code FAQ

🔓︎ How do I unlock the Fliff sign-up bonus

As with any online bonus or promotion, you’ll find terms and conditions attached. When creating our latest Fliff bonus code review, we found that our exclusive bonus code: BALLISCASH, would redeem the offer. Simply add it in on the account page to activate the offer, providing 600,000 Fliff Coins.

❓When does my Fliff bonus code run out?

In this latest Fliff bonus review, we cover all there is to know about the two-part welcome bonus.  The second part of the bonus requires that you make a purchase, if you want to get your hands on $100 in free Fliff cash. You'll have 30 days for the conversion process of these Fliff Cash token or else the promo will become void.

💯 Is there a Fliff deposit bonus?

Fliff is a social sports betting operator. As such real money deposits cannot be made on the platform, as you play with free virtual tokens. However, like at most other sweeps casinos, you can opt to buy bundles to top up your roll if you want to. But this is strictly a purchase, not a deposit. As such, you cannot get the spend back.

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