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Gameroom Casino Review: Is Gameroom Casino Legit or Scam?

Latest review of Gameroom: How legitimate and reliable is it for USA players?

GameRoom Sweeps

I’ve been reading-up on all things Gameroom, and here’s what I can tell you: Gameroom is a software brand that offers iGaming solutions to businesses – it isn’t a conventional social casino you can actually play at.

But that’s not to say my Gameroom review here won’t be useful for you. Stick around, because I’m going to explore what this means for sweepstakes gamers like us. I’ll also talk about why alternative brands that do offer direct-to-player games, like DingDingDing, and WOW Vegas, might be a better fit for you.

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Gameroom: Pros & Cons
  • Great gaming software for businesses
  • Produces slots, keno, and fish games
  • No direct-to-player games offered
  • Not really a social casino
  • You’ll need to look elsewhere
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Last Updated on 05/15/2024
Fact checked by: Vicky Winters

Bonuses, promotions, and rewards – is there such a thing as a Gameroom sign-up bonus?

As I’ve said already, Gameroom isn’t a standard social casino. In fact, it’s a software brand that supplies state-of-the-art slots and fish games, like Panda Fortune and Mermaid Strike, to US-based social and sweepstakes gaming sites.

Now, social casinos themselves rarely reveal which type of gaming system they are using – meaning there’s a chance you’ll have already played at Gameroom social casino slots before elsewhere. Panther Moon or Cha Ching sound familiar?

Naturally, though, as Gameroom doesn’t offer its own, directly-to-player platform, you won’t be able to claim a Gameroom promo code offer with the site directly. So, what’s the next best thing? Well, as I mentioned in my intro, there are several other social casinos out there that do indeed offer direct-to-player games – and the lion’s share of these platforms offer competitive bonuses, too.

By way of example, – one of America’s most-popular social casinos – is currently offering 260,000 Gold Coins (GC), 55 Stake Cash (SC) and 5% rakeback to new registrants who enter my promo code, “BALLISLIFE” on sign-up. Having said that, the brand’s only available in certain US states, meaning that if you reside in, say, Kentucky or New York, you might need to look at other options.

Which social casinos have the best US bonuses right now?

Here's a quick rundown of some of my favorite bonus offers available across the US – just be sure to read my individual reviews of each brand, and double-check eligibility in your backyard, before claiming:

Brand nameWhat kind of sign-up bonus can you get?Is a promo code required?Any off-limits US states?
Stake.us260,000 GC, 55 SC and 5% rakeback.Yes – “BALLISLIFE”Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Washington.
WOW Vegas1.75 million WOW Coins (GC) and 35 SC.No.Michigan, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.
McLuck57,500 GC and 27.5 SC.Yes – “BALLISLIFE”Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, and Washington.
DingDingDing100,000 GC.No.Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington.
High5Casino250 GC, 5 SC and 600 Diamonds.No.Michigan, Washington, Nevada and Idaho.

Functionality and ease-of-use – is Gameroom reliable?

Take a look around, and you’ll soon see that Gameroom ratings in the USA are usually pretty high. This is to be expected, as their state-of-the-art gaming software goes into the back-end of many of today’s hottest social casinos – and in my experience, Gameroom’s games are excellent.

Of course, you won’t be able to play Panda Moon, Panda Fortune, or any of Gameroom’s other games directly with the brand for the reasons stated earlier. What’s more, whenever you stumble across these games at other social casinos, there’s a strong chance that while gameplay will be near-enough identical, the iGaming sites you encounter will all have different layouts, navigation features, color schemes and the like.

So, whether you’re claiming a DingDingDing promo code or registering with, you can’t expect the exact same user experience. Having said that, I’ve found in my own time iGaming that most of the best sweepstakes casinos tend to offering the following common features:

1. Interactive chat tools and leaderboards

These help you connect with other gamers, chat as you play and compete via intuitive score boards.

2. A two-tier coin system

If it’s a sweepstakes casino, you’ll likely get the choice of playing with just-for-fun GC or prize-exchangeable SC. Social casinos, mind, will only offer the former.

3. Game filtering tools and search engines

I’ve found most sites organize their games into logical grids. You’ll usually be able to filter by game type, or search for your favorite game titles, too.

Can Gameroom sweeps-style games be enjoyed via smartphone?

Now, this all boils down to which social casino you ultimately decide to use. High5Casino offers directly-downloadable iOS and Android apps on the App and Google Play stores, for example, as does WOW Vegas, and McLuck for that matter., however, takes a different approach, offering a mobile-friendly website that’s been optimized to work fluidly with any kind of device.

Both approaches have their merits, but for me, I quite like the flexibility that mobile-optimized sites offer – they let you access games instantly, and you won’t need to free-up any download space on your device to get started.

Payments – what banking options do Gameroom casino games support?

I sometimes get asked “how does Gameroom work, payments-wise?” and the answer is simple. As a social casino or sweepstakes gamer, you can’t directly access or play games with the brand. What you can do, though, is play at the brand’s slots, fish, and keno games at other iGaming sites elsewhere.

Gameroom exports its games exclusively to the US, meaning that the vast majority of the brand’s games are to be found at virtual-coin-powered casinos which, under sweepstakes laws, are generally more widely available to American gamers than real money casino sites.

But it’s worth noting that different sweepstakes brands, like and DingDingDing, each set their own terms when it comes to what payment options are and aren’t accepted.

How do payments work at virtual-coin-powered casinos?

It’s simple, really. Social casinos support gameplay using GC only – a just-for-fun online currency that has no cash value and can be collected via playing, claiming bonuses or by purchasing GC packages for cash. There’s never any requirement to do the latter, but if you do choose to buy GC, you can usually expect to be able to pay instantly with:

  • VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and other cards
  • PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard and other e-wallets
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

But what about if you’re playing at a sweepstakes casino? Well, these sites work in much the same way, except there’s a second tier of virtual token available – SC – which also has no cash value, but has a prize-redeemable value. SC can’t be outright purchased, but if you collect enough SC coins and hit certain playthrough requirements, you can potentially “redeem” your SC for:

  • Cash prizes
  • Gift vouchers
  • Event tickets
  • Merchandise

My Gameroom review’s been pretty clear about the fact Gameroom themselves don’t offer these kinds of services directly to players. You will find GC and SC games available at, DingDingDing, WOW Vegas and the like, though – so be sure to check these other platforms out.

Customer service – are Gameroom ratings high from a support viewpoint?

When putting together this Gameroom review, I explored all corners of Gameroom’s website, and while there’s plenty of information up there about what kinds of games the developer offers to businesses and social casino sites, there isn’t much there in terms of testimonials or customer reviews.

What I can tell you, though, is that many of the sweepstakes brands out there that source their slots, fish and keno games from Gameroom, as well as other developers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play, have ace reviews on sites like TrustPilot, where players aplenty have praised brands’ customer support options and speed.

Both and McLuck, for example, proudly advertise 24/7 customer support – and I’ve found in my own experiences that both brands are incredibly helpful and fast-responding whenever you hit-up their live chat operatives.

If you have any unusual queries regarding how to redeem DingDingDing no deposit bonus codes, or anything to do with that brand, DingDingDing’s pretty reliable customer support-wise, too.

When writing my recent review of the site, I found that they offer both email support, and a direct US telephone hotline – the latter of which is really quite rare in this industry.

Licenses – how can you tell whether sites that offer Gameroom casino-style games are legit?

Sweepstakes casinos in the US are governed by sweepstakes laws – which are a little different from the kinds of state-level rules and restrictions that affect real money casino games.

What I mean by this is simply that when you sign-up to play GC or SC-fueled games, you won’t need to worry about whether the iGaming site you’re playing with holds a local gambling license for your state.

Instead, it’s far more important you check things like the brand’s Customer Acceptance and Privacy policies, because some social casinos might only be available in certain US states. I’ve found that the vast majority are outlawed in the state of Washington, for example, except for the increasingly popular Golden Hearts Games. Meanwhile, and McLuck are off the cards in Idaho, Kentucky, and Nevada, too – so you might need to shop around a bit depending on where you live.

Taking things back to Gameroom… of course, Gameroom is a legit game developer, and all their slots and keno games utilize Random Number Generator (RNG) software – which is another thing you should definitely look out for when comparing social casinos. RNG gizmos ensure that the outcomes of any digitized games are always 100% random, meaning you can be sure of total fairness with each spin.

Rewards – what kinds of bonuses can be enjoyed on Gameroom casino-style games?

This yet again all depends on which social or sweepstakes casino brand you’re playing with. Once again: you can’t register with Gameroom themselves to play games directly, meaning you’re going to need to sign-up with, say McLuck or High5Casino, if you’re hoping to play virtual coin-powered games and claim super-cool bonuses.

But what kinds of bonuses do these – and other social casino brands – typically offer? Well, no two sites are identical, but there are a few common kinds of promotions that I’ve found crop-up time and again when you’re flitting back and forth between different sweepstakes sites. These are:

Daily reloads, High5Casino and WOW Vegas all offer some form of daily reloads. If you’ve read my recent DingDingDing review, you’ll be aware that DingDingDing offers this kind of bonus, too.

It’s one of my favorite types of social casino bonus to be honest – and I have several reasons for this. Daily reloads are automatic. They’ll award you a few free GC and/or SC each time you log into your account to play. They’re also usually based on your game activity, which means they’re excellent for gamers who, like myself, play super-frequently, as you’ll essentially get more free coins the more often you play.

Social media competitions and giveaways

If you see any weird-looking X or Facebook accounts promising free plays at Gameroom, you’re probably looking at a Gameroom scam of some kind, as this software developer doesn’t offer its own direct-to-play games.

Having said that, social media is by far one of the best places to spy one-off promotions for social casino brands that do, like High5Casino or DingDingDing.

Social media-led promos offered by sweepstakes casinos come in several shapes and sizes. Sometimes, you’ll see a bonus code drop, whereby you can claim an easy GC/SC bonus simply by cut-and-pasting a promo code from, say,’ official Facebook account. Other times, you might need to take part in a social media competition, with promo codes dished-out to commenters who are the fastest to answer trivia questions correctly.

Levels-based loyalty programs

VIP and loyalty programs typically hand-out some of the best, most exclusive perks you’ll see offered by social casinos. Of course, you can’t register for a Gameroom rewards program, but you can sign-up for a loyalty scheme with say, – where you can unlock level-up bonuses by collecting points and climbing your way up a VIP ladder.

Loyalty programs tend to offer a mixed bag of rewards to customers. Free GC, free SC and enhanced rakeback are all common – though you might need to play through a certain number of Coins on the site before you’ll be invited to become a VIP.

What kinds of games did my Gameroom review uncover?

I did a bit of a deep-dive into this gaming software provider’s portfolio, and here’s what I found. Gameroom develops games spanning three different genres in-house – and these genres are:

  • Slots
  • Keno
  • Fish games

The bulk of the brand’s offerings are slots, and these range from classic line games and fruit machines like Triple Red Hot, to slightly more niche, themed adventure games like Mermaid Strike and Panda Fortune.

If you’ve heard of any of these titles before, that’ll be because you’ve probably seen them at social and sweepstakes casinos elsewhere. As I’ve said previously, none of Gameroom’s games can be played directly on the developer’s site – they can only be enjoyed at social and sweepstakes platforms they’ve been licensed to.

What kinds of coins do Gameroom casino-style games accept?

Depending on whether you’re playing at a social casino or a sweepstakes casino, this will vary. The former offer entertainment-only games powered by just-for-fun GC. The latter, which include popular brands like and McLuck, offer both GC and SC-powered games.

As I mentioned previously, SC are redeemable for real-world prizes, though the way you’ll go about this can vary from one sweeps site to the next. requires all SC to be played through at least once before they’re deemed “prize-redeemable” for example, while minimum prize redemption thresholds may apply elsewhere. My individual brand reviews can help you out with this.

My Gameroom review’s conclusion

So, to summarize, then, Gameroom is a legit game developer but not a social casino. For this reason, if you’re hoping to play social and sweepstakes games online in the US, I’d advise checking-out actual iGaming platforms like, WOW Vegas, McLuck and DingDingDing instead.

Gameroom review FAQ

🤔 What kinds of games does Gameroom produce?

Gameroom is best-known for slots, fish and keno games, many of which are packed-full of bonus rounds when you play them at external social casinos. Find out more with my Gameroom bonus review.

🔐 Is Gameroom secure?

Gameroom’s a widely-respected developer and its games have a good rep. They all use RNGs and are totally trustworthy, but you can’t play them directly – you’ll instead need to register with one of these social casino brands.

🏆 Which social casinos are best?

My personal favorite all-rounders are and McLuck, though you might want to check out WOW Vegas and High5Casino, too, depending on which US state you reside in. Here’s why.

Conclusion – you can’t currently sign up with Gameroom to play games, but you can do this instead…

If you choose to take just one thing away from my Gameroom casino reviews, let it be this – Gameroom isn’t a direct-to-player social casino or sweepstakes platform. It’s a software developer that sells games to businesses and iGaming sites, and it’s only by registering with such brands themselves that you’ll be able to enjoy playing Gameroom-style slots, keno, and fish games online.

The good news? There’s a whole world of amazing social and sweepstakes casinos out there to choose from – you just need to locate one that’s legally accessible in your state, and offers great bonuses and rewards. Check out, DingDingDing, McLuck and the other brands in my recent reviews and banners to get all the info you’ll ever need.

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