Big Baby Davis’ hilarious reaction to out of bounds call in OT

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Jamal Crawford

Thankfully for Blake Griffin’s 45 points performance and lucky game-winning 3-pointer, the Clippers survived a double OT thriller against the Suns.  No thanks to the ref who made a bad out of bounds call in OT when the Clippers were down by 1.  Glen Davis’ expression is all you need to see to know how bad of a call it was.

Another example of how bad the refs were last night was they ejected Jamal Crawford in the 4th quarter and he’s never been ejected.

“That was the craziest ejection I’ve ever seen,” Griffin said. “I heard a guy say worse things tonight.”

“There was a lot of complaining by both head coaches, by all the players, and that’s why I was so surprised by the ejection,” Rivers said. “Jamal’s probably the most soft-spoken guy of all of them, and he’s the one that gets it.”

Jamal has played in a total of 1,018 games without an ejection.