Big Sean-Fear+Sean Runs Into Young Jeezy Back Stage

Check out this new video from the Detroit player BIG Sean. After releasing his street album Detroit Sean has been in the lab Preparing to release his sophomore album “Hall Of Fame”. Sean say His debut album “Finally Famous” did not have the outcome he expected because it was pushed to be done. According to Sean with this next project he’s taking his time with the project. He also states that” Detroit was the first project that he actually felt comfortable releasing. I Downloaded the Detroit mix tape and couldn’t get past the first two songs. I instantly grew found them and couldn’t stop listening to them to finish the album. After hypnotizing my self with the first two records i finally got a chance to hear the full mix tape. In my opinion i agree with him completely, Detroit was his best work yet but it was also his latest work. Which means only one thing Big Sean is only getting better and better. Stay tuned for more videos from Big Sean and also for the official release date for Hall Of Fame.

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