Big Sean is Hotter Than Kanye West ?

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I don’t know where these rap critics are getting their information from but anybody who knows real hip hop will say that Kanye west has held his throne as one of the top 5 artist not just in the game but EVER. Even though Big Sean is only one spot ahead of Kanye West he wouldn’t have got there if it wasn’t for his mentor. The term Executive Producer has been over looked in the industry. These artist have a lot of material and music that they work on almost everyday. The EP’s job is to ensure that all the the music and tracks on the album meets the requirements of a Marketable and complete song. Big Sean is obviously one of the top artist of his time. His music is very diverse and reaches out to wide audience. From tracks like Dance to tracks like “24k” he shows his ability to hop on any type of beat and make it special.One of the reasons why Big Sean is so talented has a lot to do with Kanye West over seeing his music. Not only is Kanye one of the best rappers of all time but hes also one of the best producers of all time as well. His music is like a book of his life and past experiences in a form of art that can only be heard. Who do you guys think is a hotter Mc?


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