Big Trouble in Little China for JR Smith

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JR Smith

I’m sure JR Smith knew that dogs are eaten in China so if they have dogs over there it means they  have doghouses and if there is a doghouse it means there is one with JR Smith’s name on it.  Every coach/team in the United States has put JR in one so it’s no surprise that China is ready to put JR in one and send him home with over night shipping.  If it’s not the injury that is serious or not serious depending on if you ask a family member of his or the media it will be his behavior.

According to Zhao Bing, the club had provided Smith with a presidential suite at a cost of 6,880 yuan per day, arranged a special chef and spent 700,000 yuan in insurance as he requested. However, he wanted another villa in Shanghai or Hangzhou with a chauffeured car to commute for training in Yiwu.

Ding Wei, the team’s head coach, also disclosed that Smith has missed training three times with illness excuses. And the team discovered that once he was actually shopping in Shanghai.

Let’s take a look some good the bad and the ugly moments in JR’s career before heading on over to the Denver airport with welcome home signs.

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