BigBeardBoys: James Harden & Rick Ross together | Harden would shave his beard for…

Players in this post:
James Harden

Check out two of the most popular beards in the sports and music industry in a pic that Rick Ross posted on his Instagram account.  Labeled the #BlackBottleBoys & #BigBeardBoys, the Maybach Music Group founder flashed his pinky rings with James Harden and hopefully discussed doing a remix of Harden Soul.

TMZ also recently caught up with James and asked him how much it would take for him to shave his trademark beard.  He couldn’t put a value on it but said he would consider doing it for charity.  He also said he didn’t agree with his NBA2k rating.

Just in case you wanted to have a beard like Harden or Ross, here’s a great article for you from the people at Vibe called “How To: Grow a Beard Like Rick Ross or James Harden

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