Bill Russell had speed and handles you didn't know about

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Bill Russell

We posted a shocking video of NBA great Bill "I have more rings than fingers" Russell jumping over a defender from near the free throw line a few weeks ago. The shocking and impressive vid had a lot of people second guessing the perception that many of the NBA pioneers were unathletic and would be nothing more than average players in today's "centerless league." Many of you will continue to feel that way even if I showed you a video of Bob Cousey doing a pre game dunk that would put LeBron's to shame, but that doesn't exist. What does exist is this footage of Bill Russell running the court and driving past defenders like a modern guard.

What's next, Russell shooting 3 pointers like Ray Allen in practice. Why not, we have footage of Wilt Chamberlain making four straight hook shots from the 3 point line.

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