Bill Simmons & Barkley Discuss Lebron’s Place Among All-Time Greats

Bill Simmons is on a roll. His podcast is more entertaining than any talking head show on ESPN. His newsletter and website for The Ringer is worth a subscription and spot on your feeds. And his new HBO show, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, seems like a must record on the DVR…so I can watch it on another day.

The uncensored show’s first episode featured the always quotable Charles Barkley and popular actor, underrated film director (Gone Baby Gone and The Town both made my Top 5 of the Year lists) and decent celeb baller Ben Affleck. Hoops fans might not care too much for Batman’s take on “deflategate” but will surely enjoy hearing where Charles Barkley ranks LeBron among the all-time greats, which includes a “top 5 that will never change.”

Wow! So no matter what LeBron does, he will never be ahead of MJ, The Big O, Russell, Kareem and Wilt on Barkley’s Mt Rushmore, but will have a shot at moving past Kobe and Timmy for #6 and #7.

As for Bill, he not only believes LeBron is a top 5 player ever, he believes LeBron is rolling towards becoming the GOAT.