Bill Walton Roasted Carmelo Anthony + 4 Other Great Moments From The Walton/Dicky V Broadcast

The last time Bill Walton and Dick Vitale called a LeBron James’ game, the King was a senior in high school…15 year ago!

On Wednesday, ESPN gave the two always quotable basketball greats the job to do it again by calling the Cavs and Pacers game and they didn’t disappoint. Some of the gems included a Lady Gaga conversation, Walton calling the shows’ producer “Dr Slave Driver” and a pretty hilarious jab at Carmelo Anthony.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Said Walton when discussing where the (undeserving) All-Star might end up. “As long as he doesn’t go to any of the teams I like. He can go wherever he wants but please don’t go to the Lakers, the Warriors, or the Spurs or the Blazers or the Celtics. As long as he doesn’t go to one of the teams I like, it’s fine.”
Source: USA Today