Billy Crystal gives props to Jamal Crawford for the over-the-shoulder pass to Hollins / talks about being a loyal Clippers fan

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With just 1 game left in the regular season, The LA Clippers put on  a show for the home crowd as they won their 6th in a row and beat the Blazers 93-77.  Blake & DJ were dunking, Paul was dishing, Jamal Crawford was pulling off plays that require multiple replays and everybody else on the Clippers gave the crowd something to cheer about too which is something Comedian Billy Crystal isn’t used to.  Crystal, along with celebs like Penny Marshal and Jack Nicholson, have been coming to LA games for decades, the only difference between Crystal and the others is he’s been coming to the Clippers game.

Far from a fair weather fan, Billy Crystal, was sitting in the stands watching one bad Clippers team after another in the 90s to the all-potential knucklehead team with Odom, Miles, QT, Corey and others that fell apart a little over a decade ago.  Only a true loyal fan could keep buying season tickets through those years and in this interview with Larry King, Billy talks about being a loyal Clippers fan.

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