Bismack Biyombo Called For A Delay Of Game For Treating Patrick Beverley Like A Little Kid

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Patrick Beverley Bismack Biyombo

It's usually Patrick Beverley who is trolling and getting under the skin of other NBA players, but during the 4th quarter of the Rockets win over the Magic on Tuesday night, 6'9 Bismack "how much did the Magic give him" Biyombo trolled the 6'1 (6'3 if you count his hair) point guard by holding the ball over his head after stepping out of bounds (C'mon Bismack, you know you don't have any offensive moves).

Beverley got the last laugh as a delay of game was called, the Rockets outscored the Magic 34-20 in the final quarter and Biyombo left H-Town with just 4 points and 4 rebounds.

Speaking of trolling, here's a great video of Beverley beating and trash-talking a young girl at a park.