Bizarre Bears, Booty & Bars in Iman Shumperts new rap video

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Iman Shumpert

Our end of the week hip-hop talk is usually focused on a new 4-Bar Friday drop by Damian Lillard, last seen battling a hot girl in Hawaii, but today we will be focusing on bears, booty and bars in Iman Shumpert’s bizarre new rap video for his freestyle over Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chiraq.’ The Knicks star, who also co-directed the video with EdgeMedia, shows off an angry side that most of us aren’t used to seeing and also demonstrates that he might be the best (and scariest) rapper in the NBA.

If you are more interested in watching Iman dunk and score on the court as opposed to chopping the head off a clown or rapping at a girl twerking then check out his Top 10 Plays of the year.


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