Blake Griffin vs Vince Carter + Top 10 Plays From The MiLos Angeles Clippers vs The Kings

The MiLos Angeles Clippers are the ONLY reason why I’m signing up for the NBA League Pass. Fanduel is another reason. Actually, those two plus DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy, offshore betting and other ways I can make (and lose more) money off of NBA players are the reasons why I’m signing up for the NBA League Pass. But, the number one reason is because I’m loving the passes from Milos Teodosic the way I loved passes from White Chocolate in a Kings uniform almost two decades ago.

In Thursday’s win against the Kings, Teodosic had six assists, which was just two more than power forward Montrezl Harrell had off the bench in just 12 minutes. But, those six assists felt like a passing clinic as each one racked up thousands of retweets and caused hundreds to jump on the train of the 30-year old rookie.