Blake Griffin 30pts, 15rebs, 1 nasty dunk, 1 ball to the head & 1 confrontation

Here’s 1 of Griffin’s 15 boards and 2 of his 30 points against the Warriors.

Thankfully Stephen Curry only put a little effort in grabbing this rebound because if he would have went any higher or came any closer to grabbing the ball then he could have ended up getting dunked on maybe getting hit in the head by the ball flying through the net…like Blake.

Blake looked a little embarrassed but the MVP candidate was just fine from the blow to the head.

Jermaine O’Neal must have been jealous of the ball hitting Blake because after the game he reportedly waited for Blake outside the Clippers lockerooom to confront him. via ESPN:

O’Neal, 35, had dressed and was waiting outside the Clippers’ locker room to talk to Griffin. Griffin, who was walking to the news conference room to take questions from reporters, could be heard telling O’Neal to “leave that s— on the court” before the two were separated and briefly shook hands. Griffin did not care to discuss his conversations with O’Neal when later taking questions. “Nah,” he said. “That’s between me and him.”


Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers   Photos   March 12  2014   ESPN


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