Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan between the legs dunk off

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Blake Griffin DeAndre Jordan

It was exactly a year ago when the Clippers took on the Jazz that Blake threw down a between the legs dunk before the game.  It was a nice west coast answer to the LeBron James pre game dunk exhibitions going on at South Beach.  Every once in while, the former dunk contest winner and his should be in a dunk contest teammate, DeAndre Jordan, have little mini-dunk contests before the games and this past Friday, against the Jazz, they had a good one.

Blake pulled out a between the legs dunk off the backboard which was better than just about every dunk from last years dunk contest and then DJ pulled out a Gary Smith/Kenny Dobbs like reverse between the legs that would have also scored a 50 in last years joke of a contest.

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My favorite Clippers pre game dunk photo – Blake Griffin with the logo dunk



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