Blake Griffin blocks/catches Deron William's dunk attempt. One of the best blocks ever?

Blake Griffin gets criticized a lot for not blocking more shots and using the excuses of saving your legs for posterizing defenders or saying DeAndre Jordan has your back isn't acceptable.   But when Blake does block a shot he can make it as memorable as any posterization and tonight's block/catch/rejection on Deron William is the equivalent of a dunk on Pau Gasol or Kendrick Perkins.

I will probably feel differently about this in the morning but as of right now, this block goes in my top 5 blocks of all-time.  I love watching people in the crowd get hit with a rejected ball as much as anybody but I have a sweet tooth for blocks that involved defenders catching a ball like Blake did tonight.

If you are curious to see what my top 4 blocks of all-time, here you go.  As I mentioned, that Blake block gets the #5 spot tonight but will probably end up around #15 when I look at this again tomorrow.

Alot of people are going want to see Javale's block on Wes Matthews so here it is.


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