Blake Griffin ejected | Bogut, Blake, CP3, Green & Hollins were naughty on Christmas


Besides John Wall, nobody wants to play on Christmas. Besides the NBA and Adidas, nobody likes those sleeved jerseys.  Besides a non-basketball fan, every person that watched the Clippers and Warriors Christmas match-up had a great time watching a game full of nice highlights and naughty behavior.

We had Draymond Green almost starting a fight with Blake Griffin after he elbowed Blake at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Then early in the 4th, Blake Griffin got into an altercation with Andrew Bogut which lead to Blake’s ejection because he had a previous technical.

Less than a minute later, Ryan Hollins took an earful from Coach Rivers after Hollins gave Bogut an elbow.

Then as the game was ending, Bogut (again) and Chris Paul got into an altercation which of course caught the attention of Matt Barnes (who is not done sticking up for his teammates that cost him money) who came along and pushed Bogut in the back.  Both teams then came together and not to say Merry Christmas, congrats and good game.

After the game Blake, Barnes and Doc Rivers had some not so nice comments to say about the type of basketball the Warriors were playing.




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