Blake Griffin Does His Best Austin Rivers Impersonation

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@blakegriffin32 w/AR iso impersonation #GetTheF&$kOutTheWay

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Earlier today Matt Barnes posted a video of Blake Griffin doing his best impersonation of teammate Austin Rivers. I hate to say it but it’s pretty funny.

Between this and Blake’s video bomb on Austin after Rivers went off for a career-high 28 earlier in the season, it seems like Austin is favorite target of his.

Maybe it’s payback for the time Austin pulled Blake’s shorts down in a game. Or maybe it’s a way of getting back at Austin’s Dad/Coach.

I know Austin is also a favorite among a lot of hoop critics but in his defense (no pun intended) Rivers has put up 3 20+ point games in the past 30 days which is more than he had in the past season and a half with New Orleans.