Blake Griffin dunks on Ricky Rubio (fake, push-off, travel?)

Connie Hawkins was the first to hold the ball out and move it around in different directions before dunking it but Scottie Pippen became the master at it.  Defenders were so worried about getting dunked on by MJ that Pippen would often fake to Jordan on a fastbreak and then dunk on the defender or he would just hold the ball up in the air, statue of liberty style, before taking off and delivering a facial.

Ricky Rubio sort of experienced that Pippenized feeling last night when he experienced a Blake-attempt-at-a-fake-on-the-fastbreak dunk.  But in this case, the fake didn’t mean anything because Blake was going for the dunk regardless of what Rubio was going to do. Some thought Blake traveled and other thought he pushed off but the bottom line is Blake dunked it for 2 of his 32 points and Rubio felt it…or was it an elbow he felt.

If you want to see some great fakes and dunks by Pippen then here you go.






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