Blake Griffin allegedly slapped some guy (sorry it’s still not Justin Bieber) at a club

Do you remember back in February when Chris Kaman helped start a rumor that Blake Griffin smacked Justin Beiber at a Starbucks?  Unfortunaely the story wasn’t true but I couldn’t help but wish and hope until all the facts came in.

Well, this morning TMZ is reporting that Blake slapped some guy at a club but unfortuantely that guy isn’t Justin.  Here’s what TMZ is reporting and I’m sure when all the facts come in, the story will turn out to be as false as that awesome story that we all wanted to be true.

According to a statement Daniel gave to Tao security, the man says Blake Griffin (who was partying at the club with his L.A. Clippers teammates) was bothered by the flash of the camera — and “grabbed my phone with one hand.”

Daniel says he didn’t let go of the phone because his ID and credit card were attached to it — so Blake grabbed his neck and began to squeeze while demanding Daniel give up his phone “or else.”

According to the statement, the two eventually separated after Blake took the phone — and when Daniel tried to ask for it back, Blake struck again … grabbing is neck and squeezing for a second time. 

Daniel says when security finally got to the scene — Blake told them, “Get him the f**k out of this club.”

Daniel says Blake then “slapped me in the right side of my face.”

Although I feel the story above is nothing for Blake to be concerned about, it does seem like more and more players are targeting him on the court and I’m going to feel sorry for that first guy that Blake really loses his cool with.  After last week’s tussle with Trevor Booker, Blake said he considered retaliation.

“I was going to and then thought, it’s preseason, it’s not worth it,” Griffin said Friday. “That’s nothing personal to waste it on. It’s more about standing up for yourself. There are times when hard fouls are just a part of the game, and then there’s times when they’re a little bit further than that.”

After a flagrant 2 foul from Robin Lopez back in 2012, Kobe Bryant said “I’d smack the shit out of somebody” when discussing the punishment Blake receives. “I’ve known him for a while and he’s a really nice guy so I don’t know if he’d want to do that. But I would. I would’ve done it early in the year.”

Well, maybe he did and it started with some guy at a club.

Source: LA Times / TMZ