12 things we learned from GQ Magazine’s interview with Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin


We learned a lot of things from Blake Griffin’s must read October interview with GQ magazine but if you are the cliff notes type of guy that thinks anything longer than a tweet is too much to read then I’ll share these 12 bullets with you…but I still recommend you read the whole thing. There’s a lot of interesting non-humorous stuff about fatherhood and religion that’s not mentioned in the below bullets.

  • He doesn’t think the Clippers are the “alpha team in LA”
  • He referred to LeBron as the “Osama Bin Laden” of Cleveland.
  • The Spurs are his “favorite” for next season with the Cavs being the favorite in the East
  • It bothers him when people say he’s “one-dimensional” or all he does is dunk
  • Donald Sterling once came into the Clippers lockeroom singing Naughty By Nature’s classic “Hip Hop Hooray” and waving players’ arms in the air which caused other players to take off as fast as possible
  • He recommends you Google “Donald Sterling Deposition” and so do I
  • Players might be jealous of all the “off-the-court stuff” that he does
  • He rather be “the bull in the china shop” then the china
  • He’s never met Charles Barkley who seems to have a personal issue with him
  • He hopes to God he’s a better actor than Michael Jordan
  • He’s watched the “jerking off scene” from ‘This is the End’ about 30 times
  • Once he’s done playing basketball he probably wont try to stay involved with the sport


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