Blake Griffin hits the incredible game winner…that’s called off because of a Dirk flop

There’s a lot of plays that went through my head watching this.  First is Grant Hill throwing the full court pass to Christian Laetner.  He caught it, scored, game over, down goes Kentucky.  Then there’s Rodney McCray throwing the ball to Ralph Sampson in the 1986 playoffs. He caught it, scored without looking at the basket, game over,  Rockets go on to the NBA Finals.

Last night with .6 seconds left and the game tied at 97, Grant Hill’s teammate Matt Barnes makes the perfect full court pass to Blake Griffin who catches the ball, scores and….the game goes into OT because the shot was called off because of an offensive foul call on Blake Griffin.  The irony is Dirk gave the Clips a little of their own medicine and flopped against notorious flopper Blake Griffin.

In OT, Blake and the Clippers went cold and Dirk, who scored 33 and passed Patrick Ewing on the all-time scoring list, outscored the Clips by 7 and came away with the shocking win.


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