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UPDATE: Download the magazine in PDF

Release Name: Men’s Health
Format: PDF
Date: January-February 2012
Pages: 143 pages
Size: 43 MB

Sportscenter, YouTube & Ballislife not giving you enough Blake?  The new US issue of Men's Health features a cool interview with the man that is occupying 75% of our NBA posts now.  Below are some snippets from the mag as originally published by ESPN.

On dunking: "I constantly heard that all I do is dunk. … And I can understand it. There aren't 'SportsCenter' clips of me shooting 15-footers."

On recovering from injury: "There were days when I didn't feel like going through the same routine. … But I learned that if you're positive, any situation can be a chance to improve yourself."

On the importance of being a team player: "I recently got to talk to Magic Johnson. … He said he used to tell individual teammates, 'Come in before practice and work with me.' He emphasized that being a leader isn't about just pushing yourself. It's also about motivating teammates."

"Energy is something you can control," Griffin said. "In everything you do, you're going to face people more talented than you. I set myself apart by bringing more energy than they do."

Below are a few vids of Blake working out including some with MMA trainer John "The Bull" Marsh.


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