Blake Griffin recites ‘slam dunk poetry’ about tearaway pants, bobbleheads & mouthguards

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Blake Griffin


Can advertising firms spread the joy and laughter and give some other basketball players some of these great concepts that Blake Griffin gets to do.

The Blake and Drain campaign from Nike is one of my favorites. His Kia commercials are hilarious.  His Gamefly ads are funny.  Most of the Kia Optima ads are amusing but he’s great in them. He even did a Footlocker ad that made fun of himself for having so many endorsements and it was a lot funnier than any recent commercial with Shaq, Jordan and KD.

His latest funny campaign comes courtesy of Vizio called “slam dunk poetry” and excuse the pun but the campaign is a slam dunk.  Check him out waxing poetics about tearaway pants, bobblheads and mouthguards.

Blake will even write you a jam if you go to This is what he wrote for me when I entered my name and likes.


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