Blake Griffin stares down Spike Lee, shows off his handles & throws down one nasty dunk


Spike Lee has been toying with the stupid idea of making a sequel to He Got Game after a series of box office flops including the Knicks size disaster of a flick in ‘Oldboy.’  The great filmmakers’ films, with exceptions of course like the unappreciated 25th Hour,  just don’t have that unique vision and power that his work from the 90s had.  Maybe it’s the technology, maybe it’s the difficulty of getting funded or maybe Lee just needs more basketball beefs with ballers like MJ and Reggie Miller and not directors like QT, Tyler Perry and Clint Eastwood.  If that’s the case then maybe endorsing machine Blake Griffin is his man.

Blake Griffin dominated the Knicks last night with 32 points and showed “he got game” along with some unique skills and power with his trademark dunks.  One of those dunks came off an impressive behind the back dribble move that shouldn’t surprise any Clippers fans that are getting used to seeing Blake show off his unappreciated handles.

The other Blake dunk was the type of monster dunk you expect to see from Griffin as the best handles in the league, Jamal Crawford, tossed him a perfect lob.

Then midway through the 4th quarter with the Knicks down by 15 is when the retro Spike Lee moment happened.  Griffin made a tough shot over Tyson Chandler and then stared down Spike as he ran back on “defense.”  The awkward expression on Blake’s face was as disturbing as any scene in the original Oldboy that Spike didn’t recreate in his remake.




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