Blake Griffin is the Endorser in the new Footlocker commercial with Chris Paul

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A Blake here, a Blake there, Blake everywhere. Blake Griffin has been dominating my feeds for days with new commercials, campaigns, apps, events and viral videos including this amazing dunk by 5'11 Young Hollywood over the 6'10 endorsing fool.

In the latest Footlocker commercial titled "The Endorser," Blake and still teammate Chris Paul, back from there trip to China, team up for a funny concept with Griffin turning into a robotic sounding sales pitch machine when he's plugged into a machine called The Endorser.

The ad reminds me of the classic scene in The Truman Show when Truman's wife starts pitching Hot Cocoa in the middle of a conversation and Jim Carrey yells "who are you talking to!"

[youtube id="6U4-KZSoe6g" width="600" height="350"]

I also love Lithuania but maybe that's because my last name is Lithuanian...well actually it's because I was a big Sabonis fan and I'm not Lithuanian despite my last name.

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