Blake Griffin “Why did I have to be half white. Why can’t I be guaranteed to be in the NBA”

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Blake Griffin

There are a lot of sad “why” questions that millions of unfortunate people ask themselves. Where my daddy at? Mama, Why we live so poor? Why you crying? Heard you late night through my bedroom door…sorry I just go carried away with plagiarizing Tupac. But for a child with dreams of fame and riches in the NBA, no “why” is scarier than the one Blake Griffin had to grow up with.

“Why did I have to be half white. Why couldn’t I just be guaranteed to be in the NBA.”

With the odds of only 3 out of 10,000 high school basketball players making it to the league where 76.3% of players in the league are African-American and 81% being of color, the odds were against Blake. He did have a father, a black one, who played college ball, but he also had an older brother with basketball skills so the odds of the youngest being better than his big brother and father made the odds even tougher…and I also have to mention that Blake was home schooled — which means absolutely nothing.

But to make a long story short, Blake was able to capitalize off of the black in him and overcome “white privilege” to become the first pick in the 2009 NBA draft and then meet Peter Mehlman who drilled Blake with very serious questions such as “if Andrew Bynum calls and asked you to the Playboy mansion?”

I’m sure Blake also asked why was he cursed with that horrible haircut throughout high school and college. Thankfully, those prayers were eventually answered when he made it to the NBA.

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If you took anything in this post or this 6-year-old interview seriously, all I can say is lighten up and get a fucking life.