Blake Griffin With The And1 Poster Dunk On Robin Lopez, Is This A Foul?

On Saturday night, Blake Griffin had his 7th straight 20+ game and added Robin Lopez to his victims resume in a 102-95 victory over the Bulls. The near RIP worthy poster on Lopez had Gabrielle Union doing the DeAndre Jordan dunkface, the Clippers commentator screaming, “Oh me oh my (AGAIN!!!!)” and Bulls fans screaming, “how is this a foul on Lopez?”

I’m not going to say Blake’s habit of sticking his arm out deserves an offensive foul but I don’t think the contact made by Lopez deserves a foul. Then again, this questionable call was just an appetizer for the whistle happiness by the refs at the end of the game.

Back when Blake had a bad haircut in his early days in the league, he didn’t always get these type of calls.

In this case, the refs were just being a$$holes for calling an offensive foul but the way Blake dunks does it make difficult for the refs sometimes.