Wild Cavs vs Clippers game had fights, fanatics, fantastic moves & #1 pick fails

Near the end of the 2nd quarter, a minute after a fantastic shake and bake move by Kyrie Irving, with the score tied at 44, a Cavs' fanatic wearing a "Kyrie Don't Leave" shirt ran onto the court to let Kyrie know that he doesn't want Irving signing with anybody else next summer.

The shocking fan scene was reminiscent of an incident last season when a Cleveland fan wearing a shirt that said "We Miss You" on the front and "2014 Come Back" ran onto the court to show the former #1 pick of the Cavs, LeBron James, his message.


Although it was shocking, the message to Irving was appreciated and provided some inspiration.

“I was a little scared,” Irving said. “It was a prideful Cleveland fan. I love them.”

Kyrie was coming off the first scoreless game of his career and needed to have a big statement game against Chris Paul and the Clippers.  Irving came through and outscored Paul 20 to 13 (CP3 did have 15 assists to Irving's 6) and the Cavs came away with a 6 point victory in a wild eventful game punctuated by almost punches by Blake Griffin.

With the Cavs up by 8 with 2 minutes left in the game, Blake Griffin was about to turn green and toss every player on both teams out of his way to get to Anderson Varejao who laid on the floor laughing after Blake pushed him to the ground for what he considered a cheap shoulder shot.

“I don’t think I aggravate people,” Varejao said. “I’m just trying to help my team. I don’t know why they get mad.”

Varejao was given a foul and the Hulk and Jarret Jack were given techs and 2 minutes later the Clippers were given the L.  An L due to a nice bounce back game by Kyrie Irving, 20 points from Tristan Thompson, 18 points from the resurrected Bynum and 17 rebounds by the lovable Varejao.

#1 Pick Anthony Bennett continued to make a case for worst #1 pick ever with 0 points, 2 fouls and 1 turnover in 2 minutes of playing time.  Hopefully he eventually pulls it together and the Cavs are able to keep Kyrie until he's as old as Uncle Drew because if they don't, then this little Cleveland fanatic is going to be pretty sad.


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