Blatche and the Nets beat up Pistons mascot “Hooper”

Players in this post:
Kevin Garnett Andray Blatche

Wooorldstar! That’s what I imagine Kevin Garnett yelling as Andray Blatche and teammates played the knockout game with Pistons’ mascot Hooper. ¬†If that wasn’t cruel enough, after they beat the crap out of the horse, they dragged his body off the court.

Unlike most idiotic beyond belief Worldstar videos, the victim didn’t call the police, who were able to easily identify the criminals in the videos because they often show their face and yell their names throughout, Hooper came back to the court and shot Blatche…with silly string.

Thankfully it was just a prank and not a poor sequel to the Malice in the Palace with animal brutality.  Unfortunately for the Nets, the beatdown was returned as they lost to the Pistons.

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