2015 Philippines Dunk Contest: Baron Davis No Longer Has The Worst Blindfold Dunk Ever

Players in this post:
Baron Davis Cedric Ceballos

Cedric Ceballos’ blindfold dunk remains one of the worst dunk contest winning dunks ever and a decade later, a young Baron Davis decided to pull out a blindfold and top Cedric by attempting a windmill dunk.  Well, he failed pretty miserably and came up short…waaaay short! The judges were also waaay too generous on the McDonalds Dunk Contest Champ and gave him 6 and 7’s.

After that, I was hoping we would never see another dunker pull out the blindfold but a decade later at the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown, youtube sensation Kenny Dobbs pulled out Cedric Ceballos who pulled out his blindfold and put it on Dobbs who somehow made a between the legs dunk over 3 people – blindfolded and on his first try!

After that, I said nobody should ever, ever pull out a blindfold again.

Enter the 2015 Philippine’s Dunk Contest and Justin Melton. The PBA player attempted Baron Davis’ blindfolded windmill and didn’t jump nowhere near as far or as high as he needed to. Congrats Baron, you no longer have the worst blindfold attempt in history.

Don’t think I’m “hating” on Baron who happens to be one of my 5 favorite players ever.