Streetball legend Larry Williams lets a challenger know why he's called the Bone Collector


"People always challenge me thinking what I do is all fun and games...I try to tell um this is what I do in REAL life!'s not a movie...smh..i can show them better than I can tell um! #anklebrealer #mandown #realitycheck#ballup" - Larry Williams aka Bone Collector via Instagram

A lot of people watch our mixes of the Ballup tour and comment that some of the plays have to be fake or setup because there's no way some of these streetballers, like The Bone Collector, could actually pull off some of the moves they do on their defenders.  Well, this guy challenged BC and soon learned that it's "REAL life!"

You can check out more ankle breaking moves by Larry Williams below and be sure to watch the Ballup TV Show coming soon.





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