Boozer accidentally punches ref Danny Crawford in the groin; ref doesn’t say “meet me after, I’ll f*@# you up”

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It seems ironic that a ref would be punched by a Chicago Bulls player.  According to LeBron, the Bulls are allowed to get away with “non basketball” fouls.”  Well, after hitting a layup and receiving the and 1 foul call, Boozer celebrated by (accidentally) hitting ref Danny Crawford in the balls.  Maybe Boozer was showing Danny what he wanted to do to LeBron after his flagrant foul in their last meeting.

Anytime I see Boozer get physical on the court, I laugh about the time he and Joel “no friend of the refs” Przybilla got into it and Przy told Boozer “Meet me after, meet me after, I’ll fuck you up!

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Since we are talking about Joel and the refs, check out this clip of Joel throwing a bullet pass that could of decapitated a ref.  He was suspended 1 game for it.

[youtube id=”FQzsvXXKH9Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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