Chris Bosh & Shane Battier flops in GM4

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I don’t know if Mark Cuban’s $100k investment into the study of flopping will pay off for him but Chris Bosh has been a great student of flopping for years and it’s paying off in the form of Finals wins.   After 3 games of no offensive flops we were given 2 last night in game 4.  The most offensive being this hit-the-ground flop courtesy of Bosh and the other more questionable flop came from Shane Battier.

The NBA flop policy in the playoffs is different than the regular season with the first offense being punishable by a $5k fine.  LeBron has already been hit once with it and I expect Bosh to be hit by a fine and thankfully this is a hit that can’t be exaggerated on and responded to with a flop.


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