Chris Bosh's 1st video bomb on LeBron of the new season

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LeBron James Chris Bosh

The NBA season is back. The Miami Heat are back. The Miami Heat are winning.  Add those three things together and you can bet on the return of the Chris Bosh video bombs. Once you have the return of the video bombs then you can expect the return of ItsReal85 videos.

Before the game Bosh talked about wanting to "defecate" on the Mavs after they lost to them in the finals and how the Heat and Bulls will want to do the same thing to each other in last night's season opener.  Despite what the final score says, Bosh and the Heat did "defecate" on the Bulls last night, especially in the 2nd quarter when Miami outscored Chicago 37 to 18.   Bosh had 16 points 6 rebound and the facial expression of the night.


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