Boston Honors Kevin Garnett With A Standing Ovation & His Favorite Victory Cigar Video

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Coach Sam Mitchell wasn’t biting.

Then midway through the 4th quarter, with the Wolves losing by 18 points to the Celtics, the Boston fans started changed the chants to “THANK YOU KG.”

The Grinch still wasn’t biting.

“I really wanted [the fans] to stop that because I didn’t know if Sam was going to actually put me in,” Kevin Garnett said. “I was like, ‘Please, please!’ But it was cool. Like I said, the unconditional appreciation is overwhelming. So thank [Boston fans] for that. I appreciate that.

“It meant a lot to me. I would like to say Minnesota made me a young man and I grew up when I came to Boston.”

It’s also in Boston when he became a NBA Champion. And in honor of KG and that championship, with a minute left in the game, the arena played KG’s favorite video clip – the Boston Celtics victory cigar video “Gino Time”

“That was like the cherry on top for me,” Garnett said of the American Bandstand video. “My teammates were asking, `What is this?’ I said, `I’ll explain it later. So thank you for whoever put the Gino on. I know my guys here put it on for me, so I appreciate that.”

You can read more about the history between KG and the Gino clip here.  You can watch history being honored in the following clip.


Source: ESPN