Bradley Beal 34 points, 9 rebounds, 5 3s and 1 reverse dunk vs the Suns

Nice travel! Or was it?

Who cares, refs are never going to make a questionable call on a breakaway play like this and Beal deserved to get away with a travel considering how well he played on Friday against the Suns: 34 points (14 in the 3rd), 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 3-pointers.

The 9 boards was the result of the Wizards missing Gortat, Nene, Gooden and Humphries.

“We definitely miss our bigs, but when it’s a matchup of guards, it’s always fun. Who’s going to get the most rebounds now? Who’s going to want it the most? Cause there’s no excuses about height or size or anything,” Beal said.