Bradley Beal’s Flop In GM7 Was Great But Not As Great As His “Flopping Fish” In GM3

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Let’s first get this out of the way. Bradley Beal was a beast in Game 7, following up a 33 point performance with a career-playoff best 38 points on 12 of 22 shooting. But the performance I want to talk about that Wizards fans aren’t going to appreciate was his comedic one near the end of the second quarter, when he backed into Avery Bradley and flopped to the ground.

I saw a few people on the internet call it the flop of the year. Not only was it not the best flop of the year or best flop of the playoff series, it wasn’t even the best flop by Beal in this series: remember Game 3? Game 3 is mainly known for the 26-point beatdown the Wizards gave the Celtics but for me, it’s the epic “flopping fish” flop by Beal in the third quarter.

Beal put his heart into that flop and went all out.  The thump generated from the flop just might be the loudest I’ve ever heard from one. It was so special, it generated a bunch of “shooting stars” memes, which were gathered for this awesome compilation.