Brandon Jennings and The Game Fight at Club Toxic

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Brandon Jennings

This past weekend Detroit Pistons Guard Brandon Jennings was celebrating his birthday at a club in Hollywood”Toxic” when he and rapper The Game got into a physical altercation. Sources say that the fight broke out while Brandon was entertaining the crowd on the mic. As the young baller was thanking everyone who came out to celebrate with him, he and The Game began arguing back in fourth. The Game who is a weekly regular at the club Toxic felt Brandon was trying to show off on stage. Brandon is known for being one of the cockiest guys on the court and he is no stranger to stunting off the the court.


Last year around this time the former young buck dropped 25K on a stripper at King of Diamonds in Miami. That may seem like a lot of money to the average person but its chump change to Brandon. With his new contract with the Piston’s he is projected to make 25 mil over the next 3 years. I guess since it was his birthday Brandon felt the need to stunt twice as hard. While hogging the mic on stage He told the crowd that he is predicting to spend 50k on bottles. With Toxic being like a second home to The Game he responded that he spends close to 100k every week at the club. Things heated up between the two when Brandon pointed out that His money is a lot longer then The Games. He’s only been in the NBA for 3 years and has already made more money then The Game through out his career. At the end of the day both of these guys are very wealthy and from the same city. No reason why they should be fighting over how much money each other has or any issues for that matter.

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